Mental Anguish Cycling
Mental Anguish Cycling

Welcome to Mental Anguish Cycling!

I have been racing my bicycle since the young age of 41. I also started arm wrestling at the young age of 45. :)

Guess, I have always cycled. I have been in the unfortunate situation as previously being known as "The can man."  While my children were in school I would cycle around several towns collecting cans to turn into food money.

I remember one day I was cycling when my old trash bag hit my bicycle spokes. Cans were all over the road. Just then a cycling team road by me. Instead of helping they all laughed. From that moment on I was determind to improve my situation and race the team that found my situation as laughable. 

Of course, I am way past that now and my cycling has grown into endurance cycling and Time Trial racing.

During my adventure as a cyclist I have had many set backs.  Both mental and physical. The mental set backs are a part of life. The psyical include being run over twice, several spectacular crashes, and other major injuries. Some occured when I was uninsurable due to my disturbed mind. I still not know what ones mental illness has to do with a broken wrist but that is our world.


My daily life is always a struggle. Unfortunately, I have to deal with chronic mental illness. I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, O.C.D/Anxiety, and major depression. It is not going away.

I have had to learn to live with my illness and make the most out of it. Hopefully, soon I will be able to turn my 1 man cycling team into a charity. I would love to add other members and help people get bicycles to either just ride and/or race. :)

Being free on ones bicycle is a wonderful feeling. It is better than any drug for ones mind.


I am determind to stop the stigma of mental illness one pedal stroke at a time.

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