Welcome to Mental Anguish Cycling!!

**Coming in November will be my new book that will hopefully help explain and bring some understanding about people "like me" that must deal with a major chronic Mental Illness on a daily basis. 

Book pre-sales will be up soon!!

My upcoming Cycling Race is: Oak Hills Time Trials 10-19-2014

*My poor Home made Carbon Fiber Time Trial bike died last weekend.  I will have to start over "back to the basic's."  A modified aluminum road bike.  Who know's maybe I will go faster :)

Everyday I battle mental illness "Schizophrenia, O.C.D./anxiety & major depression " along with the stigma that accompanies my illness. It seems so strange to me that the mentally ill are treated different then people with any other illness. Most people have some sort of medical issue yet I never heard people say stay away from so and so because he/she has heart disease.

My goal is to set a positive example for others who battle with and/or feel as if they have to hide their mental illness.